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PMOH-Центр Святой Земли Иерусалим

המרכז הרוסי בארץ הקודש - ירושלים

JHLC - Russian Holy Land Center - Jerusalem

Russian Presence in the Holy Land


Всеизраильское Объединение Российских Землячеств (ВОРЗ)

PMOH - PYCHAC - RUSNAS.ORG - Общество ИРАС - MOCKBA -      " для России, искусства и мира "
PMOH - Obshestvo IRAS - Israel - איראס אשׂראל נציגות קישור למוסדות של הפדרציה הרוסית בישראל
PMOH-IRAS - Intl Russian Cultural Affairs & Art Societies - Israel Laision Office to Russian Institutions in Israel and the Russian Federal Agency for CIS Affairs Compatriots living Abroad & Intl Humanitarian Cooperation ( Rossotrudnichestvo ).

Artists Web - Sites:

Composer Haim Fima Shkolnik

Composer - Painter ,Poetess , Bard Irina Mauler

Poetess Rina Levinzon

Opera Soprano Tatiana Odinokova

Opera Soprano Svetlana Babajanova

Soprano Coloratura Shirelle Dashevsky

Composer Author and Performer Zlata Razdolina

Renowned Russian-Israeli Artist Galina Mazin-Datloof

Poetess - Writer - Artistic Translator Irene Yavchunovsky

" We are seeking to teach an appreciation for music and culture in general
especially educating our children during todays modern digital times.

This is now more required than ever before
Through this appreciation and refinement, we enrich our lives and
can better contribute positive energy towards ourselves, and our surroundings."

Haim Fima Shkolnik - Irina Mauler - Tel Aviv, January 2005



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